Planet Post Up – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius


A full moon lunar eclipse in Aquarius is happening today.  So not just a full moon (which carries a lot of energy with it), but an eclipse as well.  So it’s a full moon with even more intensity.  In the innovative sign of Aquarius. An intellectual air sign. Also a social sign. A sign associated with community.  Given that there’s a full moon (an end of a cycle, something coming to completion) and an eclipse (something being “eclipsed out”) it could be that we find ourselves questioning our social connections. Groups or people we are associated with.  And how all of this ties into our identity.  How we see ourselves and how we want others to see us.

The sun is still in Leo. Which is a fire sign and a very “me focused” sign.  So theres’ a push and a pull between our “community” (whatever that may mean for…

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