Soulful, Higher-Mind Thoughts & Desires – Jul 13/14

5D Astrology

Snapshot: On Thursday night (EST) we have to adjustment our ‘crisis of faith’ to our sense of fun and romance. Friday is busy with Higher-Minded expressions, magical healing and Karmic clarity.

At 10:13pm on Thursday Mercury at 13:47 Leo Ses-Squares Chiron Rx at 28:47 Pisces.

Here our plans for fun, romance or creativity get adjusted to our ‘crisis of faith’ so that we can make more Soulful plans. Mercury has been zipping through Leo, but he has already made very subtle aspects to the North Node: 1) a Quindecile (24 degrees) at 9:00am on Jul 6th which is an unfolding and creative aspect; 2) a Semi-Semi-Square (22.5 degrees) around noon on Jul 7th and this an ‘event’ energy; and a Virgintile (18 degrees) around noon on Jul 9th which brings us mental ideas. So we are getting some understanding of what the North Node lessons are while Transiting Leo. We…

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