13th July 2017 Energy Forecast

Michele Elizabeth

be your own hero

Good Morning I hope that you all slept well, so are you ready for today? I hope so, time to get moving, jump out of bed and into the shower no dillydallying, get that blood pumping!

Ok I am not sure where that came from but I have the urge to stand behind you clapping my hands and saying chop chop.

You need to get that energy moving within you, the energy is picking up speed at the moment, it is very active and creative and you want to be moving so you can flow and dance with this energy. If you are dense, stuck and heavy, then you may feel buffeted around by it. You are not an immoveable force so don’t make yourself one.

It’s time to be light and flowing but also dynamic and go getting, whatever you want to do you can do and this energy…

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