Moon in Leo

Spiritual in a Religious Town

A combination of formulating strength and light of a new Moon with cosmic energy of Moon in Leo, and we get a fiery start to this week and lunar cycle. Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac, a fixed sign, ruled by the Sun, and represented by the element of fire. We should imagine feeling like a lion or lioness within; One that has stalked the prey, patiently awaited the moment, and is retracting for the pounce.

Each day is a step, in terms of “the hunt”. In order to receive nourishment, we must engage in proper hunting tactics. We must first decide what it is we want to eat. Then we must decide whether we want to sacrifice some of ours for others or only hunt for ourselves.

We are in the waxing crescent phase. A beautiful time to bless the pounce ahead. We should be expanding our…

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