What Does A New Moon In Cancer Mean…?

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f1mfileITbrCm-u1385349966_chmom.36733Tonight at what will be 10:31pm in the Eastern Time Zone, where I live, we’ll be experiencing a New Moon. These events happen once per month, and by definition, a New Moon occurs when it appears from our vantage point here on Earth that the Sun and the Moon are occupying the exact same spot in the sky.

This time around, that “exact same spot” will be in the patch of sky that we refer to as the Zodiac Sign of Cancer.

So what might that mean for you…? As always, I urge you to plot this event against your own birth chart to see if it might have any elevated likelihood of manifesting in your life in some definite and undeniable way. Check to see if you have any Planets or any important Points (such as your Ascendant, either of the Lunar Nodes, etc.) in the first few degrees…

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