The Courage to Understand: Gemini New Moon

the existential astrologer

hedy lamarr new moon

The New Moon occurs tomorrow June 24 (AEST) in sparkling Gemini. We are deep in the Winter solstice here in the south and my northern friends you are at high summer – it is a time of pause, consideration and reflection before a change in tide. For those in Winter, we are at the point of the ebb, stillness and quiet. For those dancing high Summer you are at the highest, brightest point of the year – the climactic moment.

Mercury, the lord of intelligence, rules this new Moon and is in his own sign of Gemini. Mercury is bringing us so many “a-ha!” moments as we stand on the threshold of “then” and now. He aligns exactly with the new moon and the Sun and Mars. Moon, our satellite, beams their energies of intelligence, vitality and courage to us and the principle of courageous curiosity will be with us…

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