New Moon in Gemini (Cancer): Fortune’s Favorite

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New Moon in Gemini (Cancer): Fortune’s Favorite

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New Moon in Gemini (Cancer)

While the New Moon is in the first decan of the Cancer Sign, it is actually located in the Gemini Constellation and this gives us intense devotion, genius, largeness of mind, goodness, and liberality. I like the sound of that!

We also find the New Moon in the House of Mercury (only three degrees from Mercury) and as well as the fortunate sign of Gemini. This heralds a luscious beginning to the Lunar Month. Mercury is the main astrological influence under this Moon. So get ready to get into ideas, communication and transport. This is definitely a New Moon for sharing bright ideas and making plans. It is a sociable moon phase ideal for making partnerships and for starting new business ventures.

This New Moon is bright, witty and fleet-footed, and it generally has a positive…

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