New Moon 2* Cancer June 23, 2017

Luna Tunes

What is your perfect day? Imagine how you would like to spend every hour from the first eye opening to the last blink of the day. Where would you be? What would you be doing? Who would be there? Clothes, food, transportation, sun, rain, wind, throwing pots, blowing glass beads, listening to wise people, sitting in silence. Sit back and feel into what satisfaction, pleasure, warmth, love, what emotions do bring you into your perfect day….your perfect inner self.

Then look around you and see where, now, in your life, these people, places and things exist. The quest becomes to incorporate some part of your perfect day into every day! so that you remember you are nurtured, safe, loved and playful….and that it all comes from YOU.

This morning came a request for my menu of services….I groaned. Hadn’t paid much attention to my website, let it go with the…

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