New Moon in Cancer 2017

Emerald Astrology

Happy New Moon in Cancer and Summer Solstice! We are in the feels, aren’t we? I know I am. On June 24, 2017, the New Moon will be 2 degrees in the sign of Cancer at 2:31 am (central). This will weigh on our feeling capacity and encourage us to understand what our heart is truly saying, or at least guide us to its meaning.

Moon signifies our emotional nature and instinctual thought patterns. The sign of Cancer (which the moon originally rules) signifies our feeling nature, how we go about gaining emotional security, and our connection to our heart and family.

New Moon in Cancer calls for deep self-reflection on what is within our hearts and to create holding space for it to come to form.

Esoterically speaking, Cancer is dual in nature, representing Soul and Form which combine together to make the physical body. Manifestation works if there is an…

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