Sun & Mercury in the Heartbreak T-Square-Jun 19

5D Astrology

Snapshot: Monday has a lot of energy flying around. Motivated awareness early morning (EST). Soulful expression, clear desires, healing touch, and an opportunity to practice gratitude.

At 5:24am Mars at 9:44 Cancer Quintiles Uranus at 27:44 Aries.

Mars rules Uranus here, but in Cancer, Mars is not his normal self. Cancer rules mom and initiating emotion. Mars like to initiate, but without the emotional attachment. Uranus IS emotional detachment, compassion and non-judgment. So the magic here is to ACT in ways that represent the awareness that is detached and non-judgmental.

At 7:49am Venus at 13:22 Taurus Quincunx Jupiter Rx at 13:22 Libra.

Venus rules Libra and is in the other Sign she rules. There is plenty of refined relating to be had, but some adjustment also need to be made. Likely you need to relinquish one of your own desires (or resources) for the greater good that Jupiter is showing…

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