Focus your Energy this New Moon

Jessica Cross

This New Moon is about starting on a new journey. Finding a new area to learn, expand and/or create. This new moon should give you the energy to start over in some area of your life. Use this guided meditation to contemplate where you would like to use that energy.

Take a few deep breaths and close your eyes. Find yourself standing in front of a tube of energy. What does the energy look like to you? What color is it? Is it solid or does it have openings throughout the tunnel? The tunnel is large enough for a person to walk through.


How do you feel being near the tunnel? Place your hands on the energy the tunnel is made of. What does it feel like? How does it make you feel?


This is a tunnel of power. By walking through it you can start building a…

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New Moon in Leo 7/23

Willpower Astrology

Happy Leo Season!

The Sun entered Leo this morning at 8.15am MST. The new moon in Leo is hot on its heels, taking place at 0 degrees tomorrow morning at 2.46am MST. With Mars in Leo two days ago and the north node camping out since May, we are starting to feel fired up!

Here’s a chart of this morning:


The moon in the last decan (10 degree chunk) of Cancer is closing in on the sun, and their conjunction is the New Moon. New moons are a time when the light of consciousness (Sun) has not yet shone on the subconscious mind (Moon). It’s the time to retreat, recover, and in a sense, step into the ‘darkness.’ What are our internal, reactive drives? How do we want to channel that energy over the development of the next moon cycle? Because we are more raw and primal, less conscious, this…

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Sun, Mars & New Moon in Leo ♌❂


“Be the flame, not the moth.”
― Giacomo Casanova

An energizing New Moon occurs on July 23rd at 4:33 am EDT, when the Sun and Moon unite in the realm of the Sun King. This fierce AF lunation is for growing our personal power. Leo inspires playing, loving, and creating – its influence encourages us show off who we are to the max.

This New Moon’s conjunction with warrior Mars helps us to ignite that inner flame that sometimes gets dimmed by life’s daily grind. As this fortunate new cycle unfolds, we will feel emotionally stronger (after the inner turmoil Cancer season tends to stir up) and more determined to committing to our goals. But, with this much fire in the heavens, we must find healthy outlets to channel these energies before getting impatient, impulsive or aggressive.

Locate where Leo falls in your birth chart, it will show you which area of your…

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The Moon & Astrology; how it affects our daily life: Transiting NEW Moon In Leo (2) July 2017

Serenity's Gift Cove (sgc)

Present Moon Sign/Phase/House:

  • Date:  July 23 4:34 am (ET) 1:34 am (PT) 2017
  • Moon Sign: Leo
  • Moon Phase: 4th Moves into the 1st on July 24
  • Void-off-Course: July 25 @ 5:22 am(ET)2 :22 am (PT) to Virgo Moon a few hours later: *Leo Moon* v/c is not one of the 4 “good signs”
  • House(s): 11th house of hobbies, friends, groups and teamwork. (Equal house system)
  • Opportunity Period: July 24 10:55 am (ET) 7:55 am (PT) to V/C on July 25th: Do what you can to make use of this time period… 🙂 May be more helpful towards Leo types. 

What does it all mean?

  • The Leo Moon Loves Drama, so be warned… 
  • The Leo Moon loves to noticed and recognized, so be prepared to “pump up” your loved ones and if you happened to have a Leo influence in yourself, be aware of how you may be going about getting recognized or…

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New Moon in Leo July 23, 2017

Oakland County Psychic

Written by Michigan Psychic Medium,  Astrologer Sherrie Ellen

Image result for new moon leo

The New Moon in Leo will be taking place on July 23, 2017 at 5:45 a.m. EST, and is going to be the first of two full moons that we are going to have coming up.  This is a time where we are going to be impressed to open and listen with are hearts, and also our minds. Leo does rule our hearts.

A New Moon happens every month. This occurs when the Moon is totally black, and sides up with the Sun, and recharges itself. It pulls in energy for the next thirty days so it can complete its new monthly cycle.

This is a time to be more joyful and playful. The universe is offering us a push to enjoy life and have more fun.  We need to be more present and stay in the moment.  Its asking us to…

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July 22nd 2017 Energy Forecast

Michele Elizabeth

conscious awareness

Good Morning I hope you are well, there is a great healing energy around at the moment that will serve you well as you look at cycles that are coming to an end and are ready for release. It is like aloe vera and will soothe you if you find it a wrench.

However it doesn’t need to be that way, just allow these cycles, issues, events and mind-set to just evaporate from your world and you will feel the shift.

Today feels a little bit like the lull before the storm but also feels like the morning after the storm, it is a little strange but good, ah I see it, it is the end and the beginning! Let it all go, as I often day you need to be travelling light and this is a great opportunity to let go of some baggage.

Students past and present get…

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