Today’s Color Reading May 10, 2020

Monavie Voight

May 10, 2020

Use the power of your personal likes and dislikes of colors to guide you to find your answers.

To do this you may want to try some of these things:

  • The colors could be used to answer a specific question you ask.
  • The color cards could be divided up into time frames of the day, such as morning, afternoon, and evening to show how the day will unfold.

Once you find your purpose for using the color cards, tap into your personal intuition in ways like these:

  • What energy, emotions or feelings do the colors you see here today invoke in you?
  • Do you like or dislike the colors?
  • How do you see the colors in the way they relate to each other?
  • Do you feel they complement each other or do they clash?
  • Do you think the color cards flow from one to the other in…

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9 Wisdom / CIB – Ascension of Consciousness: Day 9 of 13

Jaguar Spirit



9 Wisdom / CIB

Greetings Kin,

“Owl is the Mystic Ferryman who guides Earthlings on the return path to the stars holding the torch aloft.” ~Cherokee Sacred Calendar

Peak Tone 9 Completes our transformation. We are Harvesting the Truth that was seen all the way around one completed orbit of Human transformation. Every round offers 13 Inherent powers of creation. In the 13th uinal of our Ascension, we see it 20 times. And 13 steps are seen through 20 different perspectives, Inspired from Above. When we are unconscious, we make choices to go along, never knowing why. We can’t know why when we drift along. A Conscious Choice will always hold the Truth of Our Reason. Then we learn, because we are Divinely Guided to think of the next higher…

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Moon Astrology for May 10 – 16, 2020 – Waning Moon

Riding Moon Cycles

These tips focus on the best days to take action and when to wait according to traditional principles of western astrology.

Handle priority matters all day Sunday, Monday, Friday — and Saturday 11a-2p PDT.

Sunday and MondayMay 10-11, are supported by a positive meeting of the Moon and optimistic Jupiter in solid let’s-get-to-work Capricorn Earth.

Ease up on the schedule mid-week Tuesday, Wednesday, May 12-13. Carry on with normal tasks but delay major life-changing decisions and new projects. Work ordinary assignments and those items already in motion.


The Last Quarter moon phase plus an all-day VOC on May 14 Thursday means to take a break from it all. Stop pushing ahead and switch to relaxation or chores if you need to keep busy.

Friday May 15 features a peaceful Pisces Water moon with a kindly nod from a confident Moon sextile with good-for-business Jupiter.

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Astrology : Daily Panchang – May 10th, 2020 — Anoop Astrology Sutra

Daily Panchang – May 10th, 2020 Jyeshtha Month of hindu calendar, 3rd day – Tritiya, Krishna Paksha, Nakshtra at the time of Sun rise in Moola and will be till 04:12 Hrs (IST) on 11-05-2020, Moon will move in Purvashadha nakshtra at 04:12 Hrs (IST) on 11-05-2020.

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Deer Moon Astrology 5/9-5/10/2020


images (1)SATURDAY, MAY 09, 2020: Saturn stations to go retrograde on Monday, and will return to Capricorn on July 1st, 2020. Although we have been exploring innovative new approaches, Saturn tells us that we must take one more look at the structures of the past. Mercury (in mutual reception with Venus) trines Pluto this morning, encouraging us to deepen our objective understanding of the facts. Today offers opportunities to build our determination and the fixity of purpose to stay on a course of deepened understanding, despite the slings and arrows of our everyday challenges. Although it may seem simplistic, the idea that we must put first things first is incredibly important here, challenging us to stay on course, despite the temptation to be pulled off course by incredibly tempting distractions.



Today is the 130th day of 2020
42 days until the Summer Solstice
40 days until Mercury Retrograde
236 days until…

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Astrology May 9, 2020: Mercury Trine Pluto

Cosmic Life Coach

Cosmic Weather:

“The world is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” W. B. Yeats

Today is a great time to go deeper with our thinking as intellectual Mercury forms a harmonious, waxing trine to investigative Pluto Rx (at 9:17 am), an aspect that naturally poises us to trek below the surface to get to the core of a matter or to uncover what may be buried or hidden in the depths. It’s also kind of like we may sense in our gut now that there’s more to something than what’s being presented. With Mercury also deposited in grounded Taurus we are likely more apt to come away now with some practical insights or ideas that are very useful for our daily lives, especially if we do decide to do a little poking around. Also, reflecting on what it is that we really value (Taurus)…

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